Face off

now, I consider myself to be reasonably tech savvy and connected via the plethora of social networks out there. The grand daddy of them all being the mighty Facebook. So why have I just walked away from the behemoth? Why have I  decided to stop posting, close my various pages and turn off the ubiquitous notifications? Let me explain….

For a while now I’ve been observing with increasing dissatisfaction the change in timbre of the posts not only on FB but on such havens as Twitter and Pinterest. Muffled are the honest, one off, real enthusiasts’ helpful posts, shares and general chat. They have been drowned out with corporate posts, adverts, generic quizzes and lots and lots of cats. I mean, how many cats do you need? And I like cats.

That, and the deluge of motivational, religious, cod psychology quotes that do the rounds.

The final straw was, I’m afraid, the self righteousness that the awful events in Paris appear to have unleashed. I do not need everyone telling me how to solve what is an intractable, complex and ancient issue. I do not want to hear how it is group a, b or c’s fault. I do not need to be told how I should feel. I can feel for myself and I do not need to plaster it in everyone’s faces and then look down on those who disagree.

Strong, I know. Controversial? Well, sadly any contrary or alternative opinion will, in these times, generally get shot down. So I expect I may get some angst. And accusations of hypocrisy. I mean, I blog, that’s me sharing but I’d say in a different way. I would. But you don’t have to listen, and I’m not forcing an opinion on you. I’m explaining why I’ve walked from FB.

There’s another reason if I’m going to be honest. I have recently had some unpleasantness which leaked into FB posts. I was surprised how much I cared and how upsetting seeing someone’s unfavourable (and imho) inaccurate and frankly incorrect summation of the position in black and white, was. I don’t want to open myself up to that again. If someone is unhappy with me I’d rather a face to face, not FB to FB.

So, part of my cyber personality has been split away and put into the deep freeze. Whether I ressurect it – who knows. But in the meantime…more time for knitting, art and WP. Can’t be bad.


5 responses to “Face off”

  1. I did sort of notice your absence. Me, I have an exhibition to promote and FB is a tool… and to be honest I haven’t had a problem with Facebook to date. Maybe I’m just happily oblivious.

    I thought of you on Monday, when I finally made it back to a life class. Been a few years. Something special about life classes – I think its the closed environment, the mutual concentration, the understanding between the participants… And the joy of making quick, energetic drawings! Oh, yes.


    1. How is the exhibition going? Glad you are doing life class… I agree, there is something special about it. I’m keeping mine up even though I’m doing the MA. In other news, I’m writing this post in Venice!


      1. Venice? Woo! (Will we be seeing drawings of gondolas?) The exhibition seems well-recieved, but I’m ot sure we’ll be ay richer at the end of it…

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      2. Gah. I don’t suppose you could edit in my missing ‘n’s, could you?
        “I’m not sure we’ll be any richer at the end of it…”


      3. I don’t think I can, sorry, want to resend?!?!?!


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