That was the week that was…

A funny old week at stitched hours. Ups and downs. Sweet and sour. Mmmmmm….
On the up:

  • My birthday…excellent day with a very lovely, boozey but not too chaotic, relaxed and laughter filled evening with my friends and OH. I am lucky.
  • London trip… Yesterday. Went to an exhibition at White cube Gallery. Never been there before. Was expecting everybody to be really quite offputting since I was not going in with $3 million in my handbag. But, everyone was very friendly, and the textiles in the Losing the Compass exhibition were thought provoking in some cases, inspirational in others and technically interesting to boot.
  • Today is hey clay day and I have been playing with a Potters wheel all morning. Absolutely brilliant. Think I might have found a medium I want to spend a lot of time playing with. But hey, what’s new there?
  • I have had time to do some more painting and have even been asked by an acquaintance to do one for him! Marvellous. The one I’ve shown above is a quick sketch based on the light walking home from school one morning. I then made a collards on top to enhance the perspective. Do you think it works?

On the down:

  • Massive Internet unpleasantness as a result of a less than satisfactory transaction on eBay recently. I will not go into details here but suffice to say that I have had threatening emails, had to report various parties to Facebook and eBay and being genuinely shocked at the rudeness and unpleasantness some people can seemingly just switch on. Anyway, hopefully it’s over but if not, game on.
  • Really really really busy. So busy I am chasing my own tail. But then, I’m busy with nice stuff so I can’t complain can I.
  • Advent calendars… By which I mean the arguments my children have every single flipping morning over whether they should be open in the advent calendar before breakfast after breakfast or after school. I would like to just throw the advent calendars in the river. Would that be bad parenting?

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