It’s weird. I just reviewed the year to June 2015 As posted by me on Facebook. I have it printed in one of those book compilations that are advertised on Facebook ever now and  again.  It looks like so much fun. It looks like I’m having a blast the whole time. It makes me question what I’m doing now. 

 I know it wasn’t a blast. I know it was full of highs and lows. Clearly, I chose to only post  highs – what I should do, is check my posts on Facebook to my posts on this site. Perhaps one day I will. But not tonight. Tonight, I will note the distance between reality and social media posting. It is a distance we  subliminally know but we don’t always acknowledge. If we did, perhaps people wouldn’t be so  disatisfied with what they have.
The Internet and social media as a whole, I believe, fabulous. However, they should come with a health warning. Don’t believe the hype. Never believe the hype…


2 responses to “Distance”

  1. Abserflippinlutely. Facebook is a front. It couldn’t be anything else, unless your circle of friends was small and close. The alternative is the person who, upon being asked how they were, *actually* tells you how they are. Every minor (and major) complaint. At great length. And what they had for dinner.

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    1. There is a lot of food on there…


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