A period of reflection again….again….and here I am trying to revive my good intentions of Project P. I am reading The Happiness Projetc at the moment…good book, lots of points I can identify with. I am compiling a list of things I love to do. My reasoning being that I will keep to good intentions if I build them around what I like, not what I’m not allowed or meant to do.

For example, I love a good vodka martini.but I should cut my alcohol intake. So, instead of saying, no wine for me during the week, I will get some amazing vodka, a nice glass and some organic olives and make a lovely, small, tasty martini then sip it all night. I enjoy my drink, but cut my alcohol intake. Win!

Similar…I need to exercise. I love to swim in the local outdoor pool. Cool, I will get me a season ticket and go there to relax and swim as a pleasure, not as a chore.

Happiness. That’s the goal. But it doesn’t being with a P. I know, Pleasure. That’s it. Prrrrrrr.


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