Well, it’s the end of the summer holidays, my boys are back at school on Monday. We schlepped home up the motorway dragging the detritus of beach living, sandy shoes, smelly towels. My arms are tanned, my feet sandal-striped. My boys are back in the town they have grown up in, the sea gulls far ways. I can’t help but feel a bit sniffy about the end of this year’s sourjourn. I’ll be honest, there have been times when I thought I’d go round the bend, times when I wanted to weep, sometimes I did…especially when I got stung by a weever fish (oh, THAT hurt) in Wales. But overall I’ve had a good holiday, and the boys have had a blast. Job done.

And next? New term, new challenges. In no particular order:

  • New degree course – I’m moving from Fine Art to Visual Communication. You can find out more from my sister site
  • New hair color – I go lilac in two weeks….I’m counting the days
  • New me – weight watchers beckons…three months to Japan…I have no excuses
  • New house – I continue my declutter attempts…the studio is almost there, pictures soon. Promise.
  • New addition…no, not THAT! 4 legs, big eyes, whiskers….coming soon…

I have been thinking of what word encompasses my drive this month….I think it’s CATALYST….






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