Anthropology three: world traveller

Now, did I remember my socks, 

The ones that will save my life. 

The ones that I went and bought specially. 

With the elastic that cuts like a knife

I know I shouldn’t be fretting,

 The things won’t fit in my bag 

but when you are a World traveler

there’s more on your mind then jetlag.

I’m sure seasoned wanderers all worry 

about who will feed the house cat. 

I’m sure their mind constantly harkens  

to whether they locked up their flat. 

My car has no petrol within it, 

My office looks like a bombs hit. 

I’ve probably left all the lights on

God knows who is going to child sit.

But when you’re a weary world traveler

These trifles when compared will fade

When held up and measured for impact

With whether I scored an upgrade.


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