Let’s try to explain what the past couple of months have held by considering maths’ interpretations. stay with me on this one…

Space is defined by three coordinates based along 3 axis, x, y, z – get those three positions on the three axis and you can pinpoint where you are. now add in time as a fourth dimension and you can plot your position and your journey. so far so good.

Now, what happens if you are plotting along and then somebody starts messing with the axis – the past positions you carefully documented are now no longer relevant to you, now or in the future  because you can no longer compare the present with the past – if you had apples in the past, you have pears now.

Imagine now that this misalignment is then compounded – what if the scales on each axis were amended, randomly, with no proportionality to each other. Chaos right? now you can’t even plot where you are and the future is similarly impossible to plan.

interestingly however, the plotted points themselves will find it nigh on impossible to understand the implications of these changes – they are too close to see the curve on the axis, the flexing of the scales. They just know they exist and that they are ‘here’ .

Well, that’s what life has been like recently…I was/am a plotted point if you like, my axis have been distorted and I have only recently realised. I am changing that. The result is disorienting but it is also rejuvenating because, now I know which way is really up, I can stop having to compensate for my skewed position.

I know I seem to be speaking in some kind of convoluted metaphor but I have found the comparison between life and maths to work quite elegantly. My goal now is to straighten my lines of sight and to find a new normal.


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  1. You lost me but I’m glad you are feeling more aligned.

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