To Venice…yes, you heard right. I’m in this lovely city for two nights. I booked a cheaply flight ages ago and was coming out to go to the Bienniale but instead I have spent my time at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Why Peggy? Well, I haven’t written about it yet but I was a contestant on a British TV show called Mastermind recently. Now this is a BIG THING for me…I have watched MM since I can remember and have harvoured a fantasy of being a contestant for years. Reader, I did it.

I applied a couple of years ago and to cut a long story short, was accepted out of loads of entries and filmed my episode over the Summer. You can find a link to it (episode 13) here. My specialist subject was the wonderful Ms Guggenheim so I felt duty bound to go and pay my respects.

What a wonderful place. I stayed almost all day. Really, you have to go if you get the chance. My phone is charging at the moment so I can’t post the photos but I will return. Just wanted to get this down while I can. See, I’m trying to be sensible!


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