Birds with broken wings

So, I have thought long and hard about this particular blog and whether or not I should post it but eventually I have come to the conclusion that to not post it would be tantamount to lying by omission so here goes…I am going to period of change at the moment involving divorce,  complete readjustment of my life, leaving the family home with my boys,  and generally starting my life over. Suffice to say that the divorce is going through quickly and I am no longer a Mrs. And hopefully in a couple of weeks there will be a new Stitch Towers . And a new start. This all in the context of dealing with the ongoing effects of Parkinson’s disease. So far so groovy. So why do I feel the need to post about this?

Well, as I have wandered down this path I have become increasingly aware of the unspoken but powerful support of the female network. Of all those birds formerly suffering from  broken wings who band together and cheer on the protagonists in the various life dramas that unfold around them. I have been amazed at the generosity of friends and strangers, of advice given, help offered, cups of tea made, contacts shared,  boxes packed, beds offered, meals cooked, tears wiped away, bottles opened.

Empathy is strong…they recognise themselves in the struggles of others’ – they see the difficulties we as a sex face when so bloody routinely we are faced with manipulation, coercion, financial and emotional abuse, threats, aggression and the withdrawal of love, support and parental responsibility. And they carry the latest member of the broken wing club until she gets her feet back, shakes back her hair and stands up again, stands strong and withstands the approaching tide of stress, vitriol and coldness.

I have had experience of this hidden but powerful force. I have been supported and cajoled into finishing this painful marathon. Of course, it will never be over. A chunk of my life is broken, my marriage failed and I see that as a personal failure regardless of the responsibilities or reasons that led me to the divorce courts. But a big part of the process is almost ended and I am exhausted but absolutely determined to get to the end. I have learnt so much about me and my family and my friends. I will never be the same person as I was before but then it would be weird if I was….

Life has changed, and my future is good, so so good. I have changed but I still stick to my core beliefs and priorities. So, dear reader, i will still be here although the content and tone may differ a little from time to time. I have new interests and passions (women’s rights, equality, networks) to explore and as ever, I will record it here. I hope you will join me.

It’s been a blast so far. Let’s see what we can do next, shall we?



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  1. We, as females, are a very supportive group. I’m so glad you have a network to help you along the way! 😊 We do have to stick together!

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