Little house in the big woods

Make no mistake, we are in the woods. This time it is real and we need to wake up and work out what our new normal will be like. Do we try to hold it all together and maintain the status quo as best we can? Or do we step back, apply first principles and re8magi e whatnot,al could look like.

Dear reader, if you have read any of the past posts on his blog you will know which one I’m plumping for….hello opportunity!

So I am reactivating this blog. It has been my companion and my confessor over the years of change since my Parkinsons diagnosis. Recently it has been quiet…I will fill you in in due course but suffice to say life has not been equally placid!

I hope we can navigate this new landscape together. I stand by my strapline….not perfect,but good. Isn’t that all that we need? Welcome back everyone.


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