Sunlight (is the best disinfectant)

So, I’ve been uncovering past experiences, feelings and their effects on later decisions and behaviors. A salutary experience. I begi; to explore this in this poem. By way of context, I am a physics graduate and often use light as a metaphor, especially the way it appears to bend when it passes thru non opaque materials.

Refraction, or sunlight is the best disinfectant

One way you can tell
there’s a body in space
is by measuring the way
light shot through it,
thru, out, back free,
And noting the route
Of escape let’s us see
How hard it was
for the light to go
Through the body.
And thus it is clear
That something was there.
No sounds are emitted.
No actions permitted.
Or shown.
The silent bright beam
Shines it’s truth.
Tells us all that we need.
The harder the trip
The steeper the dip
As with life,
There’s always a price.
And though there’s no tag
The size of the lag
Is a signpost to see
what we cross.
Light does not bend
A straight and true friend
It brakes as it hits bumps 8n the road
So Hiding away
And darkening past days
Risks leaving the monsters unnamed.
I’d rather a torch
To highlight my worth
And understand what I have been through
But then I’ll move on
The past now has gone
And all I have constant’s with you

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