Regular readers (helloooo) will know that I am no stranger to counseling. I am a massive fan of talking therapies. They have helped me identify my behaviours, deal with traumas and manage my now. Understanding why I respond the way I do is so valuable and I have come a long way in the years I have been on the couch.

I’m writing this post because I have just watched This programme on the bbc, as part of Mental awareness week. It follows a young male rapper through his first encounters with therapy and its persuasive stuff but the end part where he sitting with his friends is the most powerful part. These young men were initially guarded but later on became almost enthusiastic as they listened to how their friend had benefitted.

Boys in particular are so hard to reach on issues like mental health. This programme might be a tiny lever to crack open that façade of indifference and swagger so familiar these days. I have two teenage sons. I think I know what I. Am go8ng to ‘accidentally’ have on t(e tell6 when the6 come home from school this week. No selling, no pushy parent, just a suggestion of what could be an alternative way of thinking. And we will see if this makes an impression on them. It certainly has on me.


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