A little light reading

Seeing as its just been half term here in the uk I thought we’d have a break from school and relax with a magazine or six. Ah, but no ordinary magazines, oh no. Here at i-stitch only the cyber will do so we’re going to have a wander through some of the crafty digital magazines.Continue reading “A little light reading”

Back to school, again

It’s been a while since my last post but you know how life gets in the way…in my case, Life and Clutter. You should see my sewing table. If you do can you tell me what it’s like, I haven’t seen it for weeks, there’s so much stuff on it…I digress. so let’s start toContinue reading “Back to school, again”

Mix it up

So, where to start then? I’ve been ruminating on the juxtaposition of all the new, shiny technology out there and the ahem, traditional Arts of the Stitch. Isn’t it great that they can lie next to each other, happy and comfortable? Well, they do in my house. So, what are my experiences so far andContinue reading “Mix it up”