Anthropology 2: art student

I lost my jacket, heels and case i left them way behind. I cut my hair and changed my spex, become another kind. I left the ranks of the well paid I missed the Budget speech, I said goodbye to 9 to 5… It all is out of reach. ‘These days I google concept art iContinue reading “Anthropology 2: art student”

Dot dot dot

Sometimes we use code to communicate. We use familiar shorthand and we can miss details as a result. I have recently started a Visual Communications MA course at the University of Stitchopolishire so expect to hear my garbled thoughts on the subject in the future. I am intersted in this idea of lost information andContinue reading “Dot dot dot”

Calm : Storm

It’s quiet chez Stitich tonight. Boys in bed. OH out. Me, wrapped up in a quilt on the sofa, tippy typing. No telly. Just the sound of Lego coming from Elder’s eyrie. The calmness that will shatter tomorrow because it’s CHRISTMAS EVE!!! Younger has been a human alarm clock each morning, counting down the daysContinue reading “Calm : Storm”

Notes from outside

Ah, I bet you saw that title coming a mile off didn’t you!! I’m wending my wobbly way back to Stitchopolis having managed to catch a slightly earlier and, most importantly, direct train. Which is good because I don’t mind admitting my little jaunt has completely wiped out my energy levels.  Physically I started offContinue reading “Notes from outside”

Notes from inside

Well, if I can stop my hands from shaking (it’s been a long day thus far)  I will give you an update from deep within the world of contemporary art…guys, Stitch goes to Frieze 2015…and, sort of, survives. I’m in one of the watering holes drinking a very abstemious fizzy water and attempting to sneakContinue reading “Notes from inside”

Caught & social

So, I started my MA. I’m a student and my brain is wrenching and uncurling accordingly. Good brain. Well done. And I’m trying to work out what my ‘thing’ is. I have to have a ‘thing’. I thought my thing was flow. The creative process itself. That light bulb moment. But, I don’t think thisContinue reading “Caught & social”