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Sometimes we use code to communicate. We use familiar shorthand and we can miss details as a result. I have recently started a Visual Communications MA course at the University of Stitchopolishire so expect to hear my garbled thoughts on the subject in the future. I am intersted in this idea of lost information and errors arising. It links to my wider interest in the whole concept of failure. Is failure real? When we fail we often feel that its the end of the world, that all good will end. And yet, we mostly recover, we get up an brush ourselves off. It is very rare that a failure is indeed a true end. A cauterisation. What makes us embrace that finality i wonder? Are there common traits tat we all share that, if in place, lead up to surrender and give in? And conversely what makes for resilience, creativity and sheer joy of life? 
As i said, a big subject. All these questions are spinning round in my head. No wonder ive not posted for a while. Mea culpa. But hey, i hope the answers to these musings will be interesting enough to make up for it. 


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