Rhyme nor reason

There is a new pd campaign in the uk and it features some people i consider to be contemporaries ie we were all dx roughly the same time and we have advanced thru the hinterlands of this disease together.and so i reflect…we are in senior school now. No longer the learners we are the mainContinue reading “Rhyme nor reason”


The problem with Parkinson’s is that it hits you so hard and so quickly when the drugs wear off that you can feeling absolutely fine and really enjoying yourself and then all of a sudden the light switches off, the power goes on your left to shell, desperately trying to keep up with yourself asContinue reading “One”

Compass points

That’s the thing with voyages, there are long periods of time where the wind does not even flicker, the sails are still and the sun seems hotter and more powerful. And then, without warning, everything seems to rise up simultaneously to drag you into emotional chaos. I have written before that I see chronic conditionsContinue reading “Compass points”


So, here I am, alive with the realisation that I am here. That it’s OK to say “I like it like this please” or I want to do this” but also anticipating push back when I do. I worry about that. So, let’s think about that for a while. I worry that I will beContinue reading “Bullseye”

I know this…now?

This post has been a while in the writing…just over 50 years to be exact. Today I’d like to explain how I have come to be me. At least I will try to. This is as a result of a LOT of thinking, remembering, talking etc etc. So, a recap first off. I am divorced,Continue reading “I know this…now?”