There’s something about sitting in the creeping dawn, filling up with ideas but with hands that are dormant, unable to articulate the squirming stories that come boiling up in my head. I wake up and the first thing I do is check to see whether I feel energy. Any energy. Ever since the time IContinue reading “Lines”


To call a meal out a treat is misnomer In these days of Covid Just ordering is trauma And trips that are meant to relax and de stress Result in group panic and emotional mess. The app doesn’t download The logon is wrong The discount that tempted Has gone for a song The children areContinue reading “Order”


A lot can happen in three years… A life can change. Today I am in a new house, with a new domestic arrangement and new thoughts filling my head. Three years ago it was very very different… Much darker and harder. I could dwell on the trials and tribulations of the intervening period if IContinue reading “Tri”


So, folks, did I mention I have to start a course of radiotherapy this week? I haven’t ‘come out’ in RL about this. I have a number of non malignant meningioma. I’ve known about them for a year and a half now. God, the stress. And Tuesday sees me under the gamma ray knife. Finally.Continue reading “Zap”


So, it’s raining outside. We had a few days where sunshine unfolded my garden but the drip drip drip outside today has driven Me inside and led to rumination. That, and my foot is PAINFUL today. So, i have holed up on my flowery chair with my foot up on another chair and a quiltContinue reading “Drip”