Spring cleaning

Today’s offering is all about wanting to spruce up.   Do you know how to use hair dye What happens if it marks the white grout That frames my tasteful grey tiling How would one start to get it out?   I used to get my hair done professionally I used to get eyebrows, nails,Continue reading “Spring cleaning”

Two birds, one stone

I’m lagging behind in my writing Well, that’s no surprise, you know me I’m stocking my shelves Please go help yourselves Stasherella is open to thee!!!!

Poet’s choice

Number 3…I’m enjoying this A poem can be a ditty if it’s light and sweet and short A useful thing when you want to pen random broken thoughts Or maybe you have too much on And life is chasing you Why then I’d choose a limerick And save on paper too

An ode to soft play

Playing catch up…. Soft play is a misnomer It really tests your mettle A sea of screaming offspring Make you reach for the gin not the kettle My boys seem to love it They’re having a ball They shriek as they fly by Then stumble and fall Soft play is a trial That much isContinue reading “An ode to soft play”