Violet verse

Forgive me the vanity of publishing my verse. I’m enjoying writing it so much. Sorry! This is somewhat gloomy, I admit, but it’s meant to be. About the impact anger has in ones circle, I wrote this today. What do you think??

Herding cats

Is there a well of anger
A source that bubbles up dark and strong
Forcing its way through our emotional fissures
Coming out when things turn out a shade wrong

Some people can dam and harvest it
Divert their outrage and Force down barriers unjust
They Make a difference
Their Fury forcing change

Some don’t even try to own it
Deny their role as their venom burns all that they touch
Again and again
Say ‘you should have put your galoshes on’
And sidestep the responsibility and rain

Anger is universal
Rage runs through Man’s veins
But where is the source, the start
And why does it hurt my heart?.



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