Done and dusted…

Yeah, right. Those of you who have been with me for a while (hello, thankyou!!) will know full well my propensity for starting rather than finishing projects. I may not have said much about making recently but I can confirm I remain consistent in my scattyness So, just to give comfort to my fellow stitchoholics,Continue reading “Done and dusted…”

Easy as tweety pie

As promised…a tweety tutorial. This is a really satisfying project as its so quick. I used a wire wreath form that I bought for pennies on eBay. I then wrapped old tissue paper and ( forgive me) loo roll around it, squished it a bit and Sellotaped it secure. Then I got out my scraps.Continue reading “Easy as tweety pie”

Maggie May

Today I joined our local quilt group. Again. And I met a friend of my mother. Maggie Davies is a quilting celebrity now – look at her beautiful handiwork here and below. My mother and she started quilting together back in the 80’s and I have the quilt they worked on together. There’s something specialContinue reading “Maggie May”

Are we there yet?!

Two present sacks and a table decoration today… The greenery was chopped by the boys this morning in the garden. Twisted ivy round a sparkly wreath and baubles chucked in for colour. The sacks are made using vintage 50s American fabric and are a simple drawstring. I love this fabric. I hope the boys doContinue reading “Are we there yet?!”