A quick project…. Plain wood frame from the charidee spruced up with fabulous Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and blue lace washi tape round the outside edge. The little sketch was too small so I made an inner frame from some craft paper to hide the edges. Voila!!!

Board already?!

Ta dah! A quick pin board for Elder…here’s how… find some board (mine is the ply back of a TV unit that fell off ages ago). Wrap with wadding or bubble wrap, secure with parcel tape. Good way of using all the packaging from my recent Stasherella deliveries. Cut fabric to fit with at least…

I can handle it

So, I was given an amazing stash of buttons by a good friend a while ago… And at the same time the handles on my work bag started to go manky and I was about to bin it when I  had one of my ideas. Can I use the buttons somehow to elongate the lifetime…

Spot on

We went to a completely lunatic birthday party yesterday – 30 children running riot in a wood armed with nerf guns. It was brilliant. Elder and i were particularly taken by the bullets with Velcro on the tips – Stingers or scratchers or something. Anyway, come to this morning, we decided to make our own….


So, here’s a quick tutorial, Stitch style. I used an old frame, bought in a charidee for 50p and, using watered down PVA Glue, I covered it with old gold tissue paper. I left it to dry and went to work on the picture. This was a product of a digital sketch of a bird……

Watch the birdie

  A swift (geddit?!) project based on my birds. I’ll write up the tutorial soon but here’s some pictures…

Light touch

  I have never played with lampshades before, but I Will again. I’m thrilled! Want to make one too? Here’s how.. find an old lampshade. Mine was 50p from my local charidee. I ripped off the lampshade tape top and bottom but left the shade. using watered down PVA glue, stick scraps of fabric all…

Lady Liberty

I’m covered with glue. I’m making an up cycled lampshade using Liberty fabric scraps and decoupage glue. I’m halfway there…it’s either going to be a triumph or…not. Whatever, it’s good for flow.


I had this vintage cushion cover sitting on my sofa for months held together with safety pins. Well tonight, I sewed it together and added some funky Felt decorated corners. It’s kept its character but is a lot more presentable now!

Blue birds

I reinterpreted my Easter wreath for a friend’s birthday…I could get into making these…