Now, this may be my physics background influencing me but I find myself constantly searching for connections between life’s seemingly random events, the people and places I encounter along my journey and the ideas and concepts we all grapple with. I believe in a Grand Unified Theory of Everything (GUTE) basically. I am utterly convincedContinue reading “Click”

My little news pony

Disclaimer: this is a bit of a fan post combined with memories of early days with my boys. It’s honest. …I am going to warn you and not apologise for it. It’s no secret that when I had my two children, I found parenting hard work. A long slog, morning to night, to midnight, toContinue reading “My little news pony”


This month I have learnt that my mind can move mountains….this poem was the beginning of what is term a fairly seismic few weeks. Next post will drill down but in the meantime… Have a look at this and start the ball rolling!

Rhyme nor reason

There is a new pd campaign in the uk and it features some people i consider to be contemporaries ie we were all dx roughly the same time and we have advanced thru the hinterlands of this disease together.and so i reflect…we are in senior school now. No longer the learners we are the mainContinue reading “Rhyme nor reason”