What makes you feel alive? I mean, what makes you experience joy, makes you aware of every last drop of blood coursing through your veins, makes your heart jump (in a good way) , gives you energy, makes you feel invincible….I don’t know whether its a sides effect of PD but I get these tangible highs quite often. Yeah, I know they are the good side of the equal and opposite force that is depression but its a bargain I can live with. To me, getting that rush is just brilliant and I will do quite a lot to capture and then keep that feeling for as long as I can. So, in the interests of maxing up my mental highs and sharing with the PD world, here is my list of tried and tested ‘magic bullets’….please let me know your versions and let’s build a super hit parade of party bombs…you in? Remember to inhale….


Number 1 cure for almost all negative aspects of PD. If I feel sad, am freezing, stumbling over things or words I put on one of my Spotify playlists and sing along, dance in my kitchen, go for a walk up the hill near me or try to do some exercise to the beat. I really should have been a DJ.


Call me strange but the genesis of a new idea or a really interesting thought can kick start a massive rush in my poor addled brain. Witness how I’m bashing this post out at a rate of knots when a few minutes ago I was all wobbly and fragile. Go figure.


Now to some this might be seeing art. I classify that in the previous entry. I mean MAKING art. If you are a regular to Stitch Towers you will know I am always making something….occasionally it’s good and somebody else agrees with my point of view enough to buy into my world. Often they don’t and I have to accept my world is just that, MY world. But I’m getting better at this. Honest.


Exercise is good for you. We know that. Walking up the hill when the sun has just risen is better than that though. I may be puffing and panting but when I raise my eyes and look at the clouds dipped in sunlight sunrise pinks and oranges and the pale but pure blues creeping through them, I know that it will be ok. The sky always always saves me.

Physical contact

Yeah yeah, you’re expecting me to get all Percy now but no, I mean the love and hugs given to me by my friends, my family, my cats. I get such succour from hugs. I truly dread the prospect of a life when no one is three to give me hugs. I will always try too hug my friends when. I see them too. It’s a sort of vaccine against loneliness.

I could get granular and explain the exquisite pleasure I get from a macaron enjoyed with a cup of builders’ tea, the chord change in ‘Speak Like a Child’ by The Style Council, the exact iridescent green in a peacocks tail…..but hey, its your turn. What floats your boat? Happiness Harbour here we come…



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