Easy as tweety pie

As promised…a tweety tutorial. This is a really satisfying project as its so quick. I used a wire wreath form that I bought for pennies on eBay. I then wrapped old tissue paper and ( forgive me) loo roll around it, squished it a bit and Sellotaped it secure. Then I got out my scraps.Continue reading “Easy as tweety pie”

Eggs-actly what I was after

I finished the garland on Friday, just in time!! It’s the first thing that Elder has really contributed to – I’m so proud of him!! I’m also pleased with it as it’s my first time working with previously embellished fabrics and customising it. Plus I’d never made flowers before so that was fun. Here’s myContinue reading “Eggs-actly what I was after”

You can’t make an omelette …

We’ve been cracking eggs here this weekend. I made macaroons yesterday…Elder has been demolishing chocolate eggs all day…and I finally finished my egg garland! Hurrah!! I’ll post pictures soon. Promise. I’ve discovered a new craft btw, paper cutting. I’m going to have a go at some point – my make list is updated. Check outContinue reading “You can’t make an omelette …”