2 things

To my sofa. I’ve been out tonight. I’m shattered but still here. Always here. Don’t want to give in I suppose. Anyway, two points: Firstly, it’s worth keeping up with old friends. I was so going to cry off tonight but I’m glad I didn’t. ‘she sells sanctuary’ on the way there set me upContinue reading “2 things”

Embrace the chaos

This is emphatically NOT a parenting blog – I leave that to others who know far more about that sort of thing and who can be bovvered to write about it. But I found a note on my hard drive the other day that I thought you might be interested in. I wrote this littleContinue reading “Embrace the chaos”


Toddlerdom is tough. For everyone. For every gurgle of joy there’s the chance of a massive strop. And that’s just me. Gosh Little One has a heck of a temper! Today was testing shall we say. Elder put it beautifully when he told me tonight that “H interrupts me being kind” – I’m lucky I’veContinue reading “Kindness”

Is there an echo in here?

To the Cotswold Water Park with three girlfriends, escaping mothers all, for a night in a lovely hotel, good food and a little too much wine. What a shot in the arm. I actually read (Caitlin moran’s recent tome) , swam, knitted and chatted. Marvellous. You really do not realise the sheer lack of meContinue reading “Is there an echo in here?”

Wow, it’s hot

The UK is sweltering. It’s lovely. We spent yesterday afternoon in a paddling pool. Well it felt like it. Little One stood unaided – yay! elder dressed as a cat. Other Half talked boats. And I just enjoyed being. I don’t often get the chance. The boys were brilliant. Our friends’ BBQ superb. Frankly, afterContinue reading “Wow, it’s hot”