Wreath it


Just back from a lovely evening making wreaths at The Knitting Lady’s house. This is where we go for knitting club. A Scandinavian/Cotswold (ScanWold?!?!) homage to tasteful vintage and handicrafts. And the house isn’t bad either. Love the ladies, I really do.

Anyway, do you like my wreath? Brixham-bought shells, edelweiss-like flowers (don’t get me on TSoM, I am a woman possessed) and little stars. Lots of ivy, hebe and rosemary too. I lost my nerve halfway through but like it now. And Other Half does too. Which is nice.

Dilly was there. Come on – show everyone yours now!!!


4 responses to “Wreath it”

  1. That’s really beautiful and stylish. I have a large rosemary bush in my back garden that I’d like to use in some wreath-making…


    1. Thank you! Get those secateurs (sp?!) out now!!!


  2. It looks fab! Will have to wait till tomorrow to get a good pic of mine.


  3. It is so lovely! well done you !


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