Control freak

Well, it’s that time of year….last years motif was Choose Life. This year is all about Taking Control. Let me explain… I’ve been buffeted along in 2013 by Changes. This year I am taking back the direction and control and taking more responsibility for a Happy Life. Expect plans and goals and Progress. On yourContinue reading “Control freak”

Open the door

Today is the start of the rest of my life. What a corny cheesy line but amazingly I woke up this morning feeling like it was true. It’s 10 PM and so far I have cleaned a huge amount of poo off my youngest child, joined weight watchers and downloaded voice recognition software to myContinue reading “Open the door”

Lamb’s pride

On the train, back from preston. I was 14 when I moved to Germany but its still my home town. I took some pictures of Avenham Park, a stunning homage to philanthropic industrialists. Our pandas particularly liked the Japanese Garden’s bamboo fence. As you can see. Nom, nom. I also had a lovely lunch withContinue reading “Lamb’s pride”

I’m ready for my close up…

I was going to post about the craft stall, tell some homey tales, try to raise a smile, a glow. But to be honest this blog has never been softly softly. The Parkinson’s I live with can’t be driven away in a flurry of polka dots. Believe me, I know. So I’ll give you theContinue reading “I’m ready for my close up…”

Crash test dummy

I spend a good proportion of my maternal time reminding my dear offspring of Life’s dangers, including the importance of safety belts – without restraint you risk flying headlong into unexpected barriers. Simple Newtonian physics. I should know that. I have a physics degree. So why do I insist on thinking I can change theseContinue reading “Crash test dummy”


So, today started quite grumpy tbh. No sleep and post holiday mardiness tbh. BUT I recused the day by having a play with stamping. I have been reading Martha Stewart Living on the train to and from work and thought lets have a go! So, I’ve played with some scraps and they’re drying now. IContinue reading “Stomp!”


So, Parkinson’s is a bit of a weird condition. You don’t know whether it’s affecting you mentally as well as physically. Obviously, being given a such a diagnosis plays havoc with your plans for the future, changes your priorities, affects how you Think of yourself and others. What you don’t have however, is any wayContinue reading “Perspective”

Quilt lovers’ delight

I got a parcel through the post today…want to see? I warn you, if you are a quilter you’d better settle down. I’m itching to play with these babies, vintage 1940’s blocks, with original papers attached. I’ve got a few ideas already. Watch for Christmas list developments soon…enjoy! The boat is my favourite. I’m planningContinue reading “Quilt lovers’ delight”

No Autographs pleez

ah, fame at last….well, notoriaty perhaps. I mentioned earlier that I was asked to blog about Parkinson’s. Well, here’s my opening gambit. Without sounding too prim, I hope it proves helpful to those looking for information and opinion around this illness. I’m not othat good at tub thumping but this approach suits me I think. Hope you enjoyContinue reading “No Autographs pleez”