So, I am now seven weeks post op and the cast is finally off…it came off just over a week ago and it has been a mixed blessing really. It is way more comfortable to sleep at night now…I just lose my eyes and off I drift. This is luxury in the extreme and IContinue reading “Steps”

Hanging on the telephone

i am writing this poem as I hang on a line trying to claim illness benefit because i am not fit to work and won’t be fine ever again. And yet…. as i sit and speak into my phone and tell the nice lady my every moan i reflect on where i am now andContinue reading “Hanging on the telephone”

Day 2: napowrimo : ‘c’

Here’s one about how life can throw different curveballs and so you need different strategies to tach the blighters. Life is full of challenges right now so this one is heartfelt. In a good way. There are different types of light : Different colours, Steps of energy. But they all travel fast, uniform, all theContinue reading “Day 2: napowrimo : ‘c’”

Hundreds and thousands. Not.

Do you blog? If so, do you care about your stats? I can’t decide whether I do or not. I mean, I care about those who are kind enough to stop by and share a moment or two. Sometimes even say hello. Hello back, by the way. But I’m not driven to bump up numbers.Continue reading “Hundreds and thousands. Not.”