Deck the halls…

I’ve started my Christmas making! So far I’ve started knitting a bear for Little One and making a pretty keepsake box for a friend. Here they are…. I know it’s not much but from little acorns….. I also went to a posh garden centre yesterday and explored their Christmas shop. After picking myself up offContinue reading “Deck the halls…”

Sari always seems the hardest word

This is turning into my holiday project. Thought you’d like a peek of my progress. It’s a well travelled project. I’ve knitted all over Brixham. I’m hoping to finish the main bit in the next day or so. Me! Finish!!! Also, a shot or two from the roof of the boat. I’m sitting up hereContinue reading “Sari always seems the hardest word”

Close knit

The ladies what knit have been very lovely recently. I’ve told you about Daniel, the little boy who has been one of Elder’s friends from birth. His parents have moved heaven and earth to raise almost half of the £54,000 they need to give him a potentially life-changing operation. Imagine having the chance of helpingContinue reading “Close knit”

Drive on…

So, I’ve already mentioned the Downton Abbey Swap I took part in on Ravelry.  Well, my spoilee emailed this weekend to say she has received my little shoebox all the way in Maine.  She said she likes the goodies, phew! Want to see?!!??! Look…. The basic idea was that you were knitting for your partner’sContinue reading “Drive on…”

Down at the old Bull and Bush…

Back to work tomorrow. I have been getting used to not being frazzled so am a little worried but on the other hand my lists have been going very well today so I have to have faith, don’t I? Anyway, on to more cheerful stuff. I’ve been clearing the decks so as to reduce stressContinue reading “Down at the old Bull and Bush…”


Look! I finished something! A simple school scarf for Elder in his school colours. Made from Sirdar Big Softie with my fabulous illuminated knitting needles. Yep, they light up. Look. Daft but actually really quite handy. Made by knitlite I got these from Get Knitted in Bristol. I love ’em. Elder has gone to bedContinue reading “Yesssssss”