Drive on…


So, I’ve already mentioned the Downton Abbey Swap I took part in on Ravelry.  Well, my spoilee emailed this weekend to say she has received my little shoebox all the way in Maine.  She said she likes the goodies, phew! Want to see?!!??! Look….


The basic idea was that you were knitting for your partner’s favourite character from the series. I got Lady Sybil, the wayward rebellious daughter who runs off with the chauffeur.  I got to thinking…..while I was thinking I put together the goodies you see above. In a bit more detail we have….

20120507-202745.jpg A skein of 100% alpaca yarn, from a local herd. The sire came from the States too, apparently. Undyed, it’s made from 3 lots of white to one part black  fibre.  And is nice and soft. Oh yes.

20120507-202756.jpg A Brit style coaster for the all-important cup of tea.

20120507-202808.jpg A V&A print…

20120507-202821.jpg Quilt themed post-it notes (target is a quilter too) the organisers of the swap were very good at matching people up weren’t they?!

20120507-202834.jpg tunnocks tea cakes (these almost didn’t mafront into the parcel because I LOVE them so much. Very traditional, very tea time.


20120507-202859.jpg  Some  V&A quilting fat quarters – I want them too!

20120507-202927.jpg The all-important tea. My sister has introduced me to teapigs. These two flavours were my favourites of a selection she gave me recently so I got some for my spoilee.

20120507-202950.jpgAnd the knitted article itself….want to see???Here’s a clue….


2 responses to “Drive on…”

  1. That pattern is beautiful! Can you share it?


    1. Thank you! It’s fir cone lace stitch from the Field Guide to Knitting.. Not sure whether it’s copyright or not….


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