Proustian Preston

Memory is a strange beasty. The same memory can make you sad one day and happy the next day. Logic does not apply in the land of reminices. And quite right too. I’ve had a day of memories as i travelled Oop North to myUncle’s funeral. It was a testament to the man that, despiteContinue reading “Proustian Preston”


No sooner have I posted about whacky races but another first in Elder’s development. He has been loving the literary ahem, delights of Fleabag Monkeyface which we have been reading at bedtime.. Tonight he finally grasped that he could sit in bed and read it himself!! Yay!! He even came downstairs and said that heContinue reading “Milestone”


Every family has its Christmas traditions. Egg nog, midnight mass, stuffing. Yep, stuffing. Crucial to the success of our feast. Paxo this ain’t. You remember my family recipe book? Well, my mum’s handwritten recipe for Stitch Family Stuffing fell out when I was nosing through it. It now has pride of place in our kitchenContinue reading “Stuffed!”