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Mrs Stitch Senior

Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of my Mother’s death from cancer. She was 69. Rather than be sad I wanted to remember some of the things she did – to recapture her spirit iyswim. She wasn’t perfect but it’s the flaws that make a person interesting.

  • She knew all the words to The Mexican Hat Song and patiently spent ages teaching them to me. Elder thinks I’m a genius.
  • She taught me to sew. When 12 and mumps-ridden she left me with a pattern, fabric and machine. I wore that dress to death.
  • She made the best tiramisu ever. Ever.
  • She used to comment on people forgetting they could hear her – ‘look at that woman, she gobbles like a turkey’ said on a plane with said woman two seats away on same row.
  • She could demonstrate yoga moves after a 3 course dinner
  • She spoke French and German, all self taught, after moving around while we were children due to my father’s job. She embraced the differences between nationalities (most of the time)
  • She had a way with family resemblances – ‘you’ve got fingers just like mine. My mum always said I had chips for fingers’
  • She could make a toadstool from an egg and a tomato.
  • And mice from pears.
  • She bothered to do it.

Not just once but all the time. She was a proper mother. I miss her so much I ache but by God I’m glad I had her. Lucky old me.

Cool, eh?

13 responses to “Decade”

  1. What a great post! I love the mice.


    1. They taste gd too!


  2. What a lovely post, and a great photo. She looks like she was great fun.

    I love the way you express your joy and luck for having a wonderful mother, even though she was taken too soon. It is something I often think but rarely say when someone passes away, reminiscent of the Antoine de Sainte Exupéry quote:

    “And when your sorrow is comforted (time soothes all sorrows) you will be content that you have known me… You will always be my friend.”


    1. Design moi un mouteau… Can’t remember how to spell it but I love AdSE. Thankyou.


  3. Must be tinned pears!!!


  4. Aww, you look like your mother. She was beautiful.


    1. Well, my fingers resemble hers apparently! Thanks Dilly 🙂


  5. Beautiful photo, beautiful post…it’s lovely that you have such great memories o cherish. As someone about to become a mum, you’ve given me a lot of inspiration about what that role means.


    1. Thank you! She was lovely. Good luck with your new role!!


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