This month I have learnt that my mind can move mountains….this poem was the beginning of what is term a fairly seismic few weeks. Next post will drill down but in the meantime… Have a look at this and start the ball rolling!

Rhyme nor reason

There is a new pd campaign in the uk and it features some people i consider to be contemporaries ie we were all dx roughly the same time and we have advanced thru the hinterlands of this disease together.and so i reflect…we are in senior school now. No longer the learners we are the mainContinue reading “Rhyme nor reason”

April again

It’s that time of year again folks… And yet again I’m a day late… Always start of late but always really glad I take part in this wonderful initiative… Here is today’s efforts… I will catch up today or tomorrow

Night post

I look through my emails. They scatter through space, Breadcrumbs. The twisting route to show the way i have been, The tributaries that twine together and ply their way Through needles and rocks and over flat plains of solitude, Lapping me now. Not waiting for permission as they crackle in the dark. Night mode notContinue reading “Night post”