I admit it, I can overthink. Let’s unpack that….just kidding.

Anyway, i seem to be seeing an increasing number of articles where adults are reflecting on being diagnosed ADHD and I am coming to the conclusion (or perhaps active suspicion) that I too have a ticket on this particular bandwagon. In fact, I really don’t care. By which I mean, it wouldn’t make a jot of difference because I wouldn’t use any such diagnosis as a catalyst for change. I really like being a multi thinker. I seem to parallel process ideas and connect across many themes simultaneously. And I LOVE it. Hands off my brain!!

Here’s a poem a I wrote this afternoon loosely linked to this idea. And also thoughts that came to me at 4am this morning after a particularly stressful 48 hours or so. Really, when I look back to the early days of this blog (sooooo long ago now) I sound like such an innocent. I almost feel nostalgic. Almost. But not quite.

I’m bashing this post out quickly btw before my fingers turn to Parkinson’s lead. It is so so frustrating. Anyway, here’s my poem. What do you think?

At night I can see my reflection
I don’t recognise me but I know that it is true.
To know this face I would have to study the contours of my self.
The depths and the peaks would have to be noted and plotted.
No lines would be left undotted.
To know is to see better the cracking casing of my skin.
This bag for life if you will
Cannot be recycled,
Nor can the scars and marks be chased away By Fairy babies.
They remain.
They are mine.
And though I know every broken red vein
In daylight I only see that which sits on the surface.
It is at night that the roots grow strong
And I can decide whether to hold on.
And what to choose.
Dig deep into me
Or sleep until morning.


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