How to make a fluffy goldfish bowl

As promised here are some more shots of my goldfish bowl cushion. Its going to live in brixham but is nestling on the living room sofa for now. The fish like the view and have settled in nicely. Do you want to have one in your house? Fish are so relaxing…. Here’s how I madeContinue reading “How to make a fluffy goldfish bowl”

Hop to it

You have met the wondrous bunny before. Elder’s rock and comfort in the face of Life. Well, He (Elder, not bunny) asked for a tribute cushion yesterday. so, happy to extend my newfound needle felting skills, I agreed. Here’s the result… I drew bunny freehand onto white felt, cut the outline out and then needleContinue reading “Hop to it”


I blame Kirstie Allsopp personally. There I was perfectly happy with my knitting and stitching and then SHE introduces a new craft into the mix – needle felting. L’Allsopp showcased this art on her  Channel 4 programme a while ago. And whoosh! Sales of Clover needle felting equipment went through the roof.  Anyway, Mothers DayContinue reading “Needled”