Hop to it

You have met the wondrous bunny before. Elder’s rock and comfort in the face of Life. Well, He (Elder, not bunny) asked for a tribute cushion yesterday. so, happy to extend my newfound needle felting skills, I agreed. Here’s the result…

I drew bunny freehand onto white felt, cut the outline out and then needle felted it to the red felt background. Then I did the eyes and nose using black wool roving and stitched the face outline very simply. I made a little tail by making a tiny white yoyo. A white running stitch around the edge and some toy stuffing finished it off. I had a tester of Elder’s initial I’d made when I started needle felting so I stitched that to the back as a label for him.

I can’t wait until Elder gets home from football. He’s seen it as a WIP but we’ve saved the final reveal until bunny is free. It’s a surprise for the rabbit, you see. He’ll hopefully be hopping happy 🙂








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