How was your Bank Holiday? Mine was peaks and troughs but mainly peaks. After camping we came home, via the beach, and hugged bricks and mortar again. Not really of course although I suspect Other Half might have been tempted…then we were joined by a very good friend and her children for 24hrs of hilarity..butContinue reading “Walls”

Homeward bound…

A day of mixed emotions here. I hope your day was clearer. On the one hand I have had a mentally stimulating day, discussing and learning about the latest technical developments in my chosen field. The course was in a very chi chi hotel in Big London so this morning found me Paddington bound onContinue reading “Homeward bound…”

Work in progress

Not Just this wreath. Everything is, isn’t it? Today has been a very interesting day. I told my employer about the Parkinsons. They didn’t fall over. Which wasn’t bad. Let’s hope it continues.

The mystic one

Flow Swans glide on sheet water Skaters swing past smooth as glass Friction. What’s that? Oh yes. I remember. Flow. That’s my nirvana. To lose myself in the task. To shake off dead weight thoughts And float. Calm and soft. Dousing could work. Of a sort. Feel my way, listen hard. Tremors are, after all,Continue reading “The mystic one”