Half way thru 2014 and life has more colour than ever…

On being a fish

I have no recollection Of this wonderful collection Of colour flashing past me. As a fish, It’s all new – as Memory cells are few And I forget… But, forgive me… Who are you? Repeat ad nauseum.

Big blue

A day at the aquarium… I’ve been quiet recently. Lots going on. I hope these pictures are a nice way to say hello again.


. A lovely day chez Stitch. I am so lucky. I’ve been a bit moany recently, lost sight of what I’ve got. But I have got my bearings again. Happy christmas.

Prints charming

Well, you guys now that I have dabbled in the fabric design previously. Up until now though, I’ve how to use an American provider, Spoonflower. But, that seems to be set to change… Introducing my new design courtesy of -This is a UK outfit and they are offering digital printing at £29.99 per metre….


A day of reflection…so here’s a self portrait.

Plymouth, ho!

Well, I’m loving Plymouth Hoe, the lighthouse, the views, the freshers from the University. But the highlight was Pin Lane. I know, I’m shallow.

Take my breath away

I know that I am slightly weird about quilts. I feel so attached to them when they come to my door. However, this recent shipment has quite literally taken my breath away. Here are a a few initial pictures. I really don’t think I can sell the Schoolhouse one, it is absolutely gorgeous.

This way

To Dartmouth in the boat for some very close fly by’s from the Red Arrows this evening. Clever boys.


My life is like a tardis The Inside bigger than the out Small movements you see Are massive to me My thoughts fill the space that I can’t Time is at a different pace My speedometer is set rather low But someone refrained From telling my brain So everything Comes out too slow Ideas thoughts…