The schools shut in the UK yesterday. I went to the gates to collect my younger son. I was worried i would cry. But, as i got there i saw the daffodils bobbing in the breeze, their petals escaping around the green iron bars of the school fence. They were peeping out, saying ‘can weContinue reading “Yellow”


Back from 8 nights’ camping in North Devon with the children and Lovely Man and his son. Two tents, five pillows, three bodyboards, umpteen tent pegs. All crammed inside the car, speeding down the M5, eeking out Haribo. How to start a holiday… Here’s my take on it…. Capacity Your knee is in my back.Continue reading “Canvas”


I’ve missed a couple of days….sorry xxx


This poem is about how things can twist and change so easily and wondering what would happen if we could ‘backdate’ an encounter Sometimes when I am sitting Drinking coffee Dreaming of you I imagine what it would be like If we could turn back the clocks To when we were not pitted and scarredContinue reading “Timing”

As ever

The youngest feels he’s been left out The elder is impatient And I as parent wonder at Sibling dynamics ancient