This month I have learnt that my mind can move mountains….this poem was the beginning of what is term a fairly seismic few weeks. Next post will drill down but in the meantime… Have a look at this and start the ball rolling!

Rhyme nor reason

There is a new pd campaign in the uk and it features some people i consider to be contemporaries ie we were all dx roughly the same time and we have advanced thru the hinterlands of this disease together.and so i reflect…we are in senior school now. No longer the learners we are the mainContinue reading “Rhyme nor reason”


To call a meal out a treat is misnomer In these days of Covid Just ordering is trauma And trips that are meant to relax and de stress Result in group panic and emotional mess. The app doesn’t download The logon is wrong The discount that tempted Has gone for a song The children areContinue reading “Order”

Sounding off

I wrote this a while ago but i think it ahem, resonates now. Sound travels faster in the night Pushing its waves through black Pleating as it goes Folding the stillness Audio origami Ridges to bridges Short cut into chords Held tight inside bars Still dark a straight channel Slicing time spent All actions haveContinue reading “Sounding off”