Speech marks

Have you ever started a blog post without any idea of what you are going to say? I have. Just now. All I know is I want to say SOMETHING unfortunately I cant articulate  beyond that. I wonder why? Is it because there’s too much going on in my brain. Unlikely. My brain is atrophying quite…

Who will buy?

So I finally got round to photographing and posting some more quilts on to etsy. Here is a sneak preview. Click on the link to the right for further information if you’re interested. One has already gone!


The eyes are the window to the soul, or so they say. I never take photos of myself. I know some enjoy turning the lens face way but not me. And as in photography, so in life. I will step up on important matters but not minutia. So, I’m reviewing my new year’s resolutions and…

Who needs a sleeping bag anyway?!

To Devon, to a friends house Near Salcombe. We camped. We had fairy lights but no sleeping bags. Practicality stitch style. But, even though other half was woken by a frog tapping him on the head It was such a beautiful place. I took some pictures for you. Happy bank holiday weekend.

Work in progress

Not Just this wreath. Everything is, isn’t it? Today has been a very interesting day. I told my employer about the Parkinsons. They didn’t fall over. Which wasn’t bad. Let’s hope it continues.

Yarn it!!!!

My lovely knitting ladies are in business!! If you are near Cheltenham please pop by. There until Tuesday.

What’s (in) your bag?

It’s Choose-day everyone ..and today I choose to get rid of chaos in my day. A big ask you might think but baby steps and all that…this morning was chaotic to say the least. I couldn’t find my headphones (big problem, my music laden walks are a treat in my day) and I’ve tidied my…

Yo yo cushion – chatty tutorial

I thought I’d try to give you a description of how I cobbled this little lovely together…it’s become one of my favourites already! I cheated and got the yoyo’s (or Suffolk Puffs) from eBay – they’re vintage 1940’s apparantly – but to make a yoyo is so easy even I do it look . You cut…



Wireless wonderland

Note: i wrote this during the week but never uploaded it…i have only just found it, but what the heck. I was going to bemoan the fact that I’m back on the train to the office again but then I thought, no Stitch, Choose Life, remember? So instead today’s post is about my recent wanderings…