Speech marks

Have you ever started a blog post without any idea of what you are going to say? I have. Just now. All I know is I want to say SOMETHING unfortunately I cant articulate  beyond that. I wonder why? Is it because there’s too much going on in my brain. Unlikely. My brain is atrophying quite nicely thanks. Is it because there’s too much on in my life? Possibly but many others deal with domestic crises and jubilation on a daily basis too. So, what? Is it because I’m ever conscious of how alone we really are? If lucky, we will have a handful of really meaningful relationships in our lives. Our children, our partner, a friend. If lucky.

We are not consistently lucky throughout our lives. Peaks and troughs. And I’m there, on the foothills, looking up. Walking up. Step by step. By step.

so, no, I had no idea about this post but I have at least made  my mark, planted my flag. Left a footprint. Made a sound. And you?


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