How many sleeps?

Tradition in stitch towers is that Christmas preparations only kick in after my birthday which is right at the end of November. However, this year, in the spirit of trying to be organised, we are starting a bit earlier. I say that, but really, I just went down to my local charity Emporium and foundContinue reading “How many sleeps?”

Prints charming

Well, you guys now that I have dabbled in the fabric design previously. Up until now though, I’ve how to use an American provider, Spoonflower. But, that seems to be set to change… Introducing my new design courtesy of -This is a UK outfit and they are offering digital printing at £29.99 per metre.Continue reading “Prints charming”

I’m ready for my close up…

I was going to post about the craft stall, tell some homey tales, try to raise a smile, a glow. But to be honest this blog has never been softly softly. The Parkinson’s I live with can’t be driven away in a flurry of polka dots. Believe me, I know. So I’ll give you theContinue reading “I’m ready for my close up…”

Starry, starry night

You know I like a nice quilt. Well the postman has been busy recently (as have HMRC collecting extra duty grrrr) as I have scored a couple of beauties recently. I’ll post the second one later but here’s number one. A 1930’s feed sack top with lovely stars all hand stitched. I’m thinking simple quiltingContinue reading “Starry, starry night”

Skirting the issue

Now you know I love a charity shop….I aslo like a charity chop and so here’s my latest rejig of a bargain buy. This was a perfectly good denin skirt with a lace panel thingy around it. Unfortunately it was way too small for me, so you know my normal solution to these problems….CHOP! aContinue reading “Skirting the issue”

Quilt lovers’ delight

I got a parcel through the post today…want to see? I warn you, if you are a quilter you’d better settle down. I’m itching to play with these babies, vintage 1940’s blocks, with original papers attached. I’ve got a few ideas already. Watch for Christmas list developments soon…enjoy! The boat is my favourite. I’m planningContinue reading “Quilt lovers’ delight”

Down at the old Bull and Bush…

Back to work tomorrow. I have been getting used to not being frazzled so am a little worried but on the other hand my lists have been going very well today so I have to have faith, don’t I? Anyway, on to more cheerful stuff. I’ve been clearing the decks so as to reduce stressContinue reading “Down at the old Bull and Bush…”

What shall we do today?

Elder and I had a lovely day together yesterday. We dropped Little One off at nursery and went for a cup of tea at Waitrose (BIG treat), caught the bus into town, forgot all about household chores for a while (me), was thrilled with a ‘well done’ sticker from the dentist (him) and mooched round theContinue reading “What shall we do today?”

The magic fabric roundabout

It was a case of fabric out fabric in today. A box to the lovely Christine from who is going to use my destash lovelies for charitable purposes. Out it went. Then on the way back from a physio appt ( wrecked hand) I found these gorgeous skirts and monsoon top from our localContinue reading “The magic fabric roundabout”