Did I mention my soon-to-be-open stasherella stall? I’m committed to a week of hopefully Christmas cheer and ker-ching in equal measures. I’m in the process of working out my stock. I’m developing the ‘Stasherella Home’ collection, drawing the design on cushions, ceramics and maybe lampshades. I’ve also got the antique quilts including this beauty So,Continue reading “Stalled”


  I had to share…despite this blogs name it’s been a while since any true stitchery has graced the virtual pages of my life…but here, here is my latest creation. It’s a fundraiser for Little One’s pre-school. I was up ‘tail 3am this morning as today is the summer fair. My best friend, The ChildContinue reading “Stitch!!!”

The ice house

Stasherella’s first quilty item is up on etsy…a really unusually coloured schoolhouse block quilt. Probably late 1800’s early 1900’s, it’d be lovely in a white or pastel painted room. If you are interested please contact me with any questions. I’ve also put my basket top up. Both hard to relinquish. I hope they are loved.

Home sweet home

As promised, here’s the second part of my quilty purchasing odyssey. This time from the wonderful Etsy. All my quilting life i have harboured a deep love of this block, the School House block. Isnt it lovely? I’ve always wanted to either have or make a quilt with it. I made a nursery school bannerContinue reading “Home sweet home”

Starry, starry night

You know I like a nice quilt. Well the postman has been busy recently (as have HMRC collecting extra duty grrrr) as I have scored a couple of beauties recently. I’ll post the second one later but here’s number one. A 1930’s feed sack top with lovely stars all hand stitched. I’m thinking simple quiltingContinue reading “Starry, starry night”