Quilt lovers’ delight

I got a parcel through the post today…want to see? I warn you, if you are a quilter you’d better settle down. I’m itching to play with these babies, vintage 1940’s blocks, with original papers attached. I’ve got a few ideas already. Watch for Christmas list developments soon…enjoy! The boat is my favourite. I’m planning…

Gardening quilt stylee

There’s not much to say here. Isn’t this top lovely? Id say it’s early 1900’s but I’m not sure. I love it. And (whisper) it was a BARGAIN!!!

Quilt ER

This is an eBay rescue quilt, probably 1920’s or so, with holes galore. I can’t bring mYself to cut it up though so I’m mending it. Rotary cutter? Needles? Fabric? Pins? Check. Mop my brow, nurse, this is going to be a long job.


  Choose-day part 2. This is My Quilt Top. I started it about 8 or 9 years ago and it’s completely stitched by hand. All of it. It took ages, a real labour of love. Now it needs quilting. I thoug I’d start CHoose-days with a bang. I choose to actually get this thing sandwiched…


We used to have fluffy flared Pekin chooks back in the day. Here’s my quilted homage to the girls. A very well worn quilt I know but they’re meant to be aren’t they?

24 hours

what a great 24hrs…Ian McCullough at Gloucester Guildhall…we were in the front row. Stripped down Bunnymen greats, covers and solo lovelies. It was amazing….until he just got up and left! Rubbish ending, sadly. Yesterday was a year since my father died and McCullough played songs that were so relevant eg Rust that I was crying…


as promised…here’s my Texan beauty…sawtooth star, all hand pieced and quilted…I love it…I hope you do too.


oh dear…ebay-itis has struck again…I am now the proud owner of another vintage quilt currently being shipped here from the US. A blue sawtooth star beauty…oh, it’s lovely and I have a good, practical use for it already in mind. Honest. I’ll post a picture as soon as it gets here. It’ll be worth the wait.

Once I had a secret love…

Finally I get to show off my latest creation – do you like? this thing gave  me blisters but I LOVE it!! and I gave it away!!!! It was my end of a stash buster sewing swap on mysewingcircle and so I bade a fond farewell to my 3rd child and sent it off into the…

Those were the days my friend

I thought a trip down memory lane was in order as I’ve just found some of my quilt photos. Some of these are quite old I must admit but its nice to see them again. Each has it’s own story attached to it – that’s why I love quilts. for my MIL who loves cats…