Pack hack

i always feel a bit bad about the amount of packaging Amazon wrap around my purchase so today I decided to reuse the envelope that carried Elder’s first clarinet book to us so abley. I basically covered the gatefold envelope with some paper sheets I had and then used a hole punch to make aContinue reading “Pack hack”

Party on a shoestring

Here’s a quick idea for making party bags that zing without any ker-Ching…this is particularly good if you had a big party a while ago because it uses all those wine bags that you end up with and feel guilty about throwing out ( well I always do.) here’s the how-to… cut down the bagContinue reading “Party on a shoestring”

Skirting the issue

Brixham charity shops rock. I got this skirt from Sue Ryder today for £2 and have spent the evening chopping it up. Expect a post with a tutorial for making a stitchy kit bag shortly. I couldn’t however, wait to show you the fabric. Isn’t it great? 50’s stylee sewing bits and bobs. I foreseeContinue reading “Skirting the issue”

Home sweet home

As promised, here’s the second part of my quilty purchasing odyssey. This time from the wonderful Etsy. All my quilting life i have harboured a deep love of this block, the School House block. Isnt it lovely? I’ve always wanted to either have or make a quilt with it. I made a nursery school bannerContinue reading “Home sweet home”