Home sweet home

As promised, here’s the second part of my quilty purchasing odyssey. This time from the wonderful Etsy. All my quilting life i have harboured a deep love of this block, the School House block. Isnt it lovely? I’ve always wanted to either have or make a quilt with it. I made a nursery school banner once for my sister with one in the centre but I have never got round to making my own ( and you’re not surprised by that, are you now?!)

Anyway, this cutter quilt top popped up on Etsy recently so I swooped with a vengeance and now I have a very tattered, raggedy but lovely quilt top which I am very carefully in picking at the moment so as to up cycle the blocks. The top itself is beyond redemption but I’m salvaging the hard work of the anonymous quilter who made the little houses.

Her are some initial shots. The fabric is brilliant. There’s even a Davy Crockett print, straight out of 1950’s Americana. And the florals are beautiful close up. Sorry the fabric is a bit rumpled but I took this pictures as soon as I unpacked it, I was so excited! I also sneaked in a vintage 50’s apron, all hand embroidered. Other Half clearly thinks I am a lunatic, but I don’t mind, I have my little houses. Enjoy!









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