Open all hours

Decision made. Let’s go for it shall we? I’m in danger of taking myself a little too seriously so I’ve decided to make a few samples over the summer holidays and try to launch say in September. Thanks to everyone who took the time to stop by and especially to those who sent me messages,Continue reading “Open all hours”

No Autographs pleez

ah, fame at last….well, notoriaty perhaps. I mentioned earlier that I was asked to blog about Parkinson’s. Well, here’s my opening gambit. Without sounding too prim, I hope it proves helpful to those looking for information and opinion around this illness. I’m not othat good at tub thumping but this approach suits me I think. Hope you enjoyContinue reading “No Autographs pleez”

So predictable…

So I was torn about this post. Do I reflect on times past, review 2011, or do I look forward and consider my resolution(s). Well, dear reader, as a nod to optimism I choose to go forwards, move on. I could have made a massive list of resolutions, I normally do. But then, as theyContinue reading “So predictable…”

Define casting on?

Strictly speaking this isn’t a new project at all, oh no. I’m just playing. I ordered this book from the States second hand ages ago and it finally showed up yesterday. It’s written by Maggie Righetti who did the absolutely brilliant Knitting in Plain English. This woman is a goddess. Really useful information and ideasContinue reading “Define casting on?”