Now I have a choice here don’t I?? I could document my adventures in NYC coherently, in time order and with proper regard to the journaling process. But, hey, where’s the fun in that? No, I think I’ll document the important things….images, ideas, weird stuff I see. You can get the classic NYC images etcContinue reading “Retro”


 I’m having a clear out in anticipation of some type of storage for my sewing area. I yearn for ironed piles of fabric in pretty bundles. I actually have this: and that’s the nice bit. I’m fantasising  about dressers, cupboards and 1950’s larders. My ebay watch list is lengthy to say the least. It’s Mother’sContinue reading “destash”

It’s (not) my party

Like it? This is a vintage 60’s book I just got from the divine eBay. It’s elder son’s birthday party in a few weeks and I was browsing with intent and came across this. It’s brilliant. Not only as a piece of design (the illustrations are fab and will be used as inspiration I’m sure)Continue reading “It’s (not) my party”

“The best biscuits I’ve ever tasted”

I am not much of a cook. Dear Husband (DH) does most of the cooking tbh. I pootle about with baking instead. My grandmother taught me to bake. We used to make a full afternoon tea spread whenever we went up to visit her. Apple pie (lots of cloves), coffee cake, cheese scones…you can imagine.Continue reading ““The best biscuits I’ve ever tasted””