Rip it up?


I’m as torn as this lovely quilt that arrived today. Do I chop it up and turn it into pictures, pillows and the like? The quilting is exquisite, flowers, feathers, tiny tiny cross hatching. How do I do it justice? Like I said, torn. Ideas?


3 responses to “Rip it up?”

  1. ooooooh you can’t cut it up, it is so beautiful…… but, you do have exceedingly good ideas!


  2. It is so lovely! What providence and beauty. Your ideas are good, I might try to save a good chunk and frame it, if that is the route you take.


  3. NO don’t cut it-instead, make -or-buy-a quilt rack and display it-problems and all…People can”forgive” the flaws and admire a Beautiful quilt…


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